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Cedric Tao, Senior Manager, LUXE Division

"Claudia has worked with L'Oréal China for more than 8 years, and she mainly provides training on topics of management, leadership, and coaching skills. Before the training programs, Claudia did the pre-course research meticulously, drafted cases and role-plays that set the scene to engage the participants and deepen their learning. During the training, Claudia used her facilitation and coaching skills flexibly to invite participants to reflect and find solution to daily management issues. At the same time, Claudia feedbacked to participants' questions with practical insights, and encouraged them to apply the skills learnt to their daily work. What makes it more valuable is that even it is after class, Claudia requested participants to provide application report and gave them comments and feedback.  Claudia also shares her research content with participants on regular basis. Throughout our partnership, we can feel the patience and professionalism of Claudia, and she made tremendous contribution in enhancing the overall management ability of the LUXE Division of L'Oréal China!"

Winnie Yang, General Manager, AVEDA

"Claudia is a corporate coach with rich practical experience, she can always share her professional knowledge during classes. While responding to the participants' questions, she always quests them warmly yet assertively, stimulating them to look deep into their own worries, and this often enables the participants to notice their blind spots and broaden their horizons, thus the AVEDA team loves to attend her training so much. She possesses both self-confidence and affinity and obtains excellent feedback in each program evaluation."

Claire Huang, HR Manager, Liteon

"Claudia has in-depth and minute observations, and she is passionate to people. In this Group Coaching Project, I can see huge value of synergising  group's intelligence into 'Personal Development Plan (PDP) Coaching' when compared to the traditional 1 on 1 Coaching.

During Group Coaching, Coachees gathered together to share and learn from development progress of each other. The Coach then guided the group and facilitated the Coachees to think from different angles or provide feedback to each other.  This Group Coaching encouraged best practices sharing and collective growth inside the organization, the Coach also introduced new leadership and management tools according to the Coachees' needs, and thus all the Coachees had new learnings together, just at the right time.

For the part of 1 on 1 coaching, the Coach followed-up on the Coachees' PDP personally and that enabled them to further develop their PDPs.

Claudia was very caring to the Coachee and Mentor during the process, her positive attitude and sincerity always deepens the commitment from the coachees and their mentors."

HR of a Famous Life Insurance Group

"Edward is very experienced in managing the process of Group Coaching. He solicited tremendous support from the direct supervisors and set up the stakeholder feedback system to engage  other team members in their leaders' learning and change. The above two are very powerful resources for the participating leaders, and that also formed the foundation of a positive atmosphere for change in the team. This project is a very valuable one for our company this year."

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Our team has served over 100 corporate clients in the Greater China area, including multi-national companies and small and medium-sized enterprises. 

And we have trained and coached over 8000 leaders,   with participants satisfaction rate of over 85%!

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