Our Clients (Partial)

With over 15 years of experience 

in this field,

Our team has served 

over 100 corporate clients 

in the Greater China area, including multi-national companies and small and medium-sized enterprises.

And we have trained and coached 

over 8000 leaders

 with participants satisfaction rate of 

over 85%!

Clients' Testimonials 

Cedric Tao, Senior Manager, LUXE Division

"Claudia has worked with L'Oréal China for more than 8 years, and she mainly provides training on topics of management, leadership, and coaching skills. Before the training programs, Claudia did the pre-course research meticulously, drafted cases and role-plays that set the scene to engage the participants and deepen their learning. During the training, Claudia used her facilitation and coaching skills flexibly to invite participants to reflect and find solution to daily management issues. At the same time, Claudia feedbacked to participants' questions with practical insights, and encouraged them to apply the skills learnt to their daily work. What makes it more valuable is that even it is after class, Claudia requested participants to provide application report and gave them comments and feedback. Claudia also shares her research content with participants on regular basis. Throughout our partnership, we can feel the patience and professionalism of Claudia, and she made tremendous contribution in enhancing the overall management ability of the LUXE Division of L'Oréal China!"

Yuji SUZUKI, President,
****  Electronic Business Machines (H.K.) 

"Upon the completion of the coaching program for our leadership team, I can see the team has tremendously enhanced the adaptability to change for sure, now they are more proactive to decide the change they want and are more ready to change when compared to the past. With such change, their subordinates- the managers, and the stakeholders are also positively influenced. I think that's the beauty.

I would like to highlight some of the development I witness in the directors which include, better emotional intelligence when communicate under high stress, stronger learning agility, coaching leadership and strengthened judgement when dealing with new challenges.

Collectively as a leadership team, they now have much stronger cross-division collaboration which is crucial to our business success. Through more frequent and timely communication, the team comes up with new ideas, new system and new way of management more effectively. "

Sally Wong, HR Director

**** Electronic Business Machines (HK)

Claudia is definitely a vital person to count for our success!

In order to align with the company vision and enhance the company performance, our company has partnered with Claudia and her team to organize the Executives 1 on 1 Coaching on our top management.

Within 10 months time, we could see the transformation of the executive team from hesitation, participation to a complete trust. Regardless of the influence of Covid-19, Claudia has devoted herself to provide professional services to bring out the strength of individual & simultaneously helping them to remove their blind-spots. Being the coach of six coachees at the same time, she becomes part of us and guide us through generously sharing her precious leadership experience & knowledge. She has the charisma to inspire change in leaders.

Myself being one of the coachee and also the head of HR who runs this project, I appreciate her so much in her dedication, care, attentiveness and effort. She is not only a coach taking care of the business side, in fact she has helped me overcome many obstacles & milestones in my personal life. I am so impressed with her positive mindset, patience & experience.

With her expert facilitation and guidance throughout our PDPs Personal Development Plans, we could feel the much strengthened bonding and collective growth amongst the management team. With her passion & contribution, we are very optimistic for our future and really appreciate this valuable project for our company. Claudia is definitely a vital person to count for our success!

Theresa Lai, General Manager - HR

Modern Terminals Ltd.

" We organized a series of "The Best in Me" workshops in 2017 for unit managers, professionals, officers and managers with the objective to cultivate deeper awareness about themselves including positive qualities and unconscious limiting beliefs, learn how to develop a more open mindset and practice effective ways to bring out their best in everyday life.

Feedback showed that this program was highly appreciated by our staff. Claudia effectively designed and delivered a tailor-made program based on our needs. She is open and dedicated to make continuous enhancement on program design and delivery. We are impressed by Claudia's passion and professionalism to make the program fit our audience's needs. We are very satisfied with the overall outcome of this program. " 

HR of a Famous Life Insurance Group

"Edward is very experienced in managing the process of Group Coaching. He solicited tremendous support from the direct supervisors and set up the stakeholder feedback system to engage other team members in their leaders' learning and change. The above two are very powerful resources for the participating leaders, and that also formed the foundation of a positive atmosphere for change in the team. This project is a very valuable one for our company this year."

Claire Huang, HR Manager, Liteon

"Claudia has in-depth and minute observations, and she is passionate to people. In this Group Coaching Project, I can see huge value of synergising group's intelligence into 'Personal Development Plan (PDP) Coaching' when compared to the traditional 1 on 1 Coaching.

During Group Coaching, Coachees gathered together to share and learn from development progress of each other. The Coach then guided the group and facilitated the Coachees to think from different angles or provide feedback to each other. This Group Coaching encouraged best practices sharing and collective growth inside the organization, the Coach also introduced new leadership and management tools according to the Coachees' needs, and thus all the Coachees had new learnings together, just at the right time.

For the part of 1 on 1 coaching, the Coach followed-up on the Coachees' PDP personally and that enabled them to further develop their PDPs.

Claudia was very caring to the Coachee and Mentor during the process, her positive attitude and sincerity always deepens the commitment from the coachees and their mentors."

Gigi Pang, Manager, Learning & Development, Bluebell

"Claudia provided extraordinary services to our luxury retail leaders development program. She completed several training classes successfully, and these trainings are practically focused on the participants' learning needs. Her facilitation style is very interactive and ignites the participants' self-awareness at the same time. She also provided us with highly practical  application tools, which are well-received among participants. Claudia is a very experienced leadership trainer, her coaching skills, facilitation skills and rhythm are very suitable for the leaders."

Winnie Yang, General Manager, AVEDA

"Claudia is a corporate coach with rich practical experience, she can always share her professional knowledge during classes. While responding to the participants' questions, she always quests them warmly yet assertively, stimulating them to look deep into their own worries, and this often enables the participants to notice their blind spots and broaden their horizons, thus the AVEDA team loves to attend her training so much. She possesses both self-confidence and affinity and obtains excellent feedback in each program evaluation."

Gigi Lu, Senior Manager, Learning for Development, L'Oréal China

"I have been partnering with Claudia for two years, she is our trainer in management training. She is a very customer-oriented consultant, and the training she provides are highly tailor-made to meet our needs, which is very unique. Claudia's international exposure and her facilitation experience are the key factors in making the training programs successful.  I appreciate Claudia for making appropriate adjustments to the training content to cater for the China market context and our company's unique culture.

I am very thankful of Claudia's support. In the last two years, she kept introducing new ideas and perspectives into the training program according to the changes and challenges we meet internally and externally.

Claudia always brings us result with high quality. She is nice, professional and cares very much of her participants. Claudia's professionalism and high efficiency always impresses me a lot."

Director of a Famous Manufacturing Company

"Our company always care about staff's growth and the shaping of corporate culture. Yet in the last few years, we found staffs' personality and habit are hindering their changes,  which lowered the training effectiveness. 

In recent years, we invited Edward to our company to implement a series of group coaching. Rolling out the program from senior management to frontline supervisors, from minority to majority, we witnessed the growth and change in our people. 

Edward helped the participants to master these changes and excel their interpersonal skills at work and in private life, which truly facilitated their growth. We also feel how important it is to have ignite people's passion in building  teams. There are lots of management philosophy and practices, but all of them are executed by people. Why are some people executing the practice well and some do not? The difference lies in the person.  And this program is different from the other trainings we had before, it focuses on  developing real changes in individuals, rather than  teaching abstract management practices. After experiencing many training programs, this program has its own uniqueness and it is worth to invest in. It is not only good for the company, but also for the staff's personal growth and improvement."

Chloe Huang, HR Director, 


"Claudia is a very attentive and patient coach, she always listens carefully to coachees' problem and accurately grasp the key point -very quickly.

She is good at encouraging and challenging coachees' to look at things from different angles and this helps coachees develop a more mature and holistic perspective so that they can solve the problem and difficulties in a constructive way.

She doesn't teach coacheeshow to solve the problem, instead, she uses coaching and brainstorming to help coacheesrapidly generate a variety of possible solutions by themselves. This help building coachees' independence in the long run.

Her coaching develops coacheesa lot- not only for work but also for life. What we learn from her is very useful for dealing everything in our whole life.

I like her very much and learnt a lot from her, I really develop myself a lot from her coaching program; I sincerely recommend Claudia to be your coach!"

Sandy Szu, HR Manager,


"Claudia is an influential coach, her facilitation style is very engaging and she can motivate participants to participate and achieve the learning objectives  in an easy and welcoming atmosphere. Before the learning exercises, Claudia assessed the needs carefully, she would first understand the participants' characteristics and company culture, then she would design the most appropriate way to deliver the message and keep adjusting it according to the needs. She is a very observant facilitator. From some subtle observations, she can discover the coachee's potential state and facilitate them to be aware of their inner self. Thanks Claudia for inspiring our leaders to excel and bringing us new insights through the introduction of Positive Psychology."

Hermes Liang, Director, 

Governance, Risk and Internal Audit

"This is our first experience with White Space , and I am pleased to say that Claudia and her team made this a very enjoyable experience. We found a true partner that was able to address our concerns, develop tailor-made approaches and integrate with highly-engaging games throughout the training. Claudia and the team have shown great commitment and professionalism in executing the training successfully."