Participants' Feedbacks

Chanel China

Coaching Leadership Workshop Participants

"Claudia  is very experienced and knowledgeable in the coaching area, she is highly capable of discovering the root causes of the problems and share experiences. The interactions and pace of the training is great! It is an in-depth, efficient and productive course! Claudia is the trainer that I came across in recent years who can ignite the learning passion the most."


Group Coaching Participants

'In the Group Coaching, I found that some feedbacks and suggestions from my peers are different from my previous understanding. Through this group sharing, I get a lot of different comments and see different possibilities, which enables me to think more deeply and figure out the best way for myself.'

'In the past, I only build a cart behind closed door for management challenges, which means using the method that I think it is correct to tackle the issues. However, the Group Coaching allows me to get together with peers from different backgrounds and styles, to exchange thoughts on leadership issues open-mindly and open-heartly. Sometimes we support each other warmly while sometimes there are hard challenges raised, yet all these pushes us to brainstorm together and make continuous improvement.'

Modern Terminals

"The Best in Me" 工作坊 學員

"A great program that touches everyone's heart!"

"Practical program that can help both work and life."

"Like all parts that invite answers and feedback, as it helps facilitate people to think."

"Can't be happier, wonderful learning experience!"

"Thoughtful content, very well thought out and helped us take a journey of self-realization. "

"Very good program. Able to build more self-awareness and stimulate thinking on finding ways to be better self."

"Excellent facilitator, a good time for self-refreshment."

Chanel China

Coaching Leadership Workshop Participants

"Claudia possesses very good communication skills. She has thorough understanding of the course content and is willing to share practical tools with us. She is passionate and very inspiring; she can take care of every participant's progress and get all of us engaged. She is good at encouraging and appreciating the participants, which is very different from the trainers I met before.'

Shelly S. 

CFO of a Luxury Automotives Company

Coachee of 1:1 Coaching Program

""Claudia has a gentle approach for probing firmly, challenging me to notice my own behavior, and giving me insights on how to see things differently.

Instead of teaching me what to do in each situation, she taught me how to question myself and harness my strengths.

Her honesty and sincere personality made it easy for me to openly share my stories and accept the guidance I needed.

A big thank you for helping me on my professional development journey!"


Group Coaching Participants

"Flashing back on my growth in the past 8 months, the Group Coaching program helped me face my weaknesses and changed my mindset, it also enabled me to understand that all consequences will emerge differently according to my different beliefs, and this would be a continuous learning in life. Having good EQ is more important than having high IQ..."

Leo F. Sales Director

Coachee of 1:1 Coaching Program

"Claudia is a talented and skilled coach. She quickly senses my blind spots and challenges my logics. She helps me view the issues from various perspectives and in positive way.

Through the coaching program with her, I have improved a lot my interpersonal skills and buildup strong team spirit among colleagues and cross-department."

Ingrid Y

Coachee of 1:1 Coaching Program

"When I first met Claudia, I was attracted by her sincerity and smile, allowing me open up  and totally trust her in the process, telling her the stories I had experienced. Thank you,  Claudia, for accompanying me for two years. There were laughter and tears. On the coaching journey, I tried every possible way to find ways to become a better leaders for others. I also hoped that I could get many leadership recipes through the coach. Later, I  discovered that to become a leader who can truly aspire others takes a deep transformation.  The biggest enemy in the process is myself.  As leaders, we often trap ourselves in the cage of our thoughts and act as cocoons; but through the guidance of the coach, we can find the leverage point for change, and we can accept the imperfect self and take positive actions. Transforming into a successful leader is like a journey in life. Don't rush to move towards your destination but forget to appreciate the beautiful scenery and all kinds of beautiful people and things that happened on the journey. The coach is like my 3D glasses, guiding me to appreciate and accept the scenery on the journey and the challenges I may encounter. After such tough but rewarding transformation journey, I am ready for the next one. "