What is Coaching? What is Integral Coaching

Coaching is the partnership between the coach and coachee in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the coachees to maximize their personal and professional potential, which is particularly important in today's uncertain and complex environment. Coaches honor the coachee as the expert in his or her life and work and believe every coachee is creative and resourceful.

The Integral Coaching® method, draws upon a powerful Integral framework called AQAL (short for All Quadrants, All Levels, All Lines, All States, All Types) originally proposed by Ken Wilber. The all-inclusive model of human development has become one of the foremost approaches to embodied change and coaching. Sound complicated? Actually, it isn't. It's truly elegant. Human beings are complex and an embodied Integral understanding enables the coach to meet each coachee fully, developing coachee's capacities with remarkable speed and accuracy.  Integral Coaching  looks holistically into the coachee as a person- in terms of the ways of seeing the world and the competence levels in different aspects and dig deep into why some issues repeatedly occur, and help the coachee see his/her patterns in life. And by doing that, Integral coaching enables the coachee to find real solution to make sustainable change, rather than dealing with issues piece by piece. It enlarges the comfort zone for "Self".

Claudia is the graduate from the only coach training school, Integral Coaching Canada, which is recognized by the Integral Institute and Ken Wilber as authoritative in the application of embodied Integral development. 

Common Topics for Coaching

What the Coachee Can Expect?

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Multi-Generational Workplace Management
  • Stress ManagementvResources Management
  • Team Motivation and Engagement
  • Multi-Cultural Workplace Management
  • Balancing Result and Relationships
  • Succession Planning
  • Team Consensus
  • Managing Upwards
  • Cross-Departmental Collaboration
  • Building/ Strengthening Organizational Competitive Edge
  • Change Management
  • Matrix Organizational Management
  • Engaging in a 9-10 months Coaching Program that is designed to support the coachee in making progress in their coaching topic.
  • Meeting with the coach on a regular basis (2- hour meetings every 4-5 weeks).
  • Actively engaging in daily exercises / practices between the meetings that are custom designed for the specific development requirements of the coachee.
  • Being willing to 'take a look' and to do things that are outside your norm...for this is where new seeing and new development takes place.

What the Coach is Offering?

What the Coach is NOT Offering?

  • To work with coachees on topics that deeply matter to them that they have also had challenge making and/or sustaining any progress in to date
  • An approach to change that focuses on the development of competencies in the coachee that enables this coachee to be in their topic in a new way and experience new results.
  • A customized Coaching Program that is tailored to meet the coachees where they are and takes them through Cycles of Development (CODs) that progressively enable them to make meaningful progress on their topic.
  • A strategic plan with a series of action steps that the coachee is then held accountable for executing while the coach motivates them to take these actions
  • A plan to fix 'others'

Our Approach Leverages on and Strengthens the Collaboration Among the Coachee, the Mentor and Key Stakeholders to Cultivate Sustainable Development even Beyond the Coaching Program!


In compliance to the company policy of some of our clients, they can not use their brand names or positions to make public testimonials.     However, if needed, they are happy to share their reference with organizations who are interested to learn more about our service.

Franca C. 

Head of Marketing  of a Reputable Pharmaceutical Company

"Luckily I met Claudia. Through her guidance and observation, I was often surprised to find the side of me that I have never discovered. The process repeatedly prompted me to reflect and dig deeper to know myself, "aha! I am like this!". During each Coaching session, through Claudia's questions, I was asked to honestly ask myself what makes me frustrated,  happy, or upset?  I see more clearly all the emotions and facets of myself. There is no good or bad, these are all part of me, I become able to treat myself more gently, without being too submissive and compromising to fit in to the environment. I've also cultivated more gratitude to others and the environment around me. The practices for  each COD (Cycle of Development) often challenges me, but they all help me to accept myself and others better. 

When repetitive practices become a habit, I am more peaceful with the environment and everything. I can  strike a better balance for my work and life. I sincerely recommend Claudia to anyone who wants to find themselves and live a more fulfilling life.  Be sure to talk to Claudia. It's not like taking a class at all. Instead, it's more like a heart-to-heart, deep conversation with  a companion who walks through an inspiring journey of self. "

Jessie Lin

Dir. Localization & Head of TW Site, Blizzard

Claudia's exceptional skills in communication and leadership coaching are evident from the get-go. Her approach is a seamless blend of practicality and innovative strategies that are not only easy to understand but also simple to implement. This made a significant difference in how I approached my role as an executive. Under her guidance, I've noticed a marked improvement in my ability to lead, strategize, and influence effectively.

Beyond her professional prowess, what makes Claudia truly stand out is her demeanour. She is incredibly friendly, thoughtful, and pleasant, creating an environment that is both motivating and comfortable for growth and learning. Her organizational skills ensure that every session is focused and productive.

I love the metaphors offered in the Integral Coaching approach ! I always keep them in mind now whenever and whatever I am doing. It gives me the power and direction to move further and faster to become the leader I aspire for.

What I found in Claudia was more than a coach; she was a transformative influence in both my personal and professional life.

Shelly S.

CFO of a Luxury Automotives Company

"Claudia has a gentle approach for probing firmly, challenging me to notice my own behavior, and giving me insights on how to see things differently.
Instead of teaching me what to do in each situation, she taught me how to question myself and harness my strengths.
Her honesty and sincere personality made it easy for me to openly share my stories and accept the guidance I needed.
A big thank you for helping me on my professional development journey!"

Leo Fan

Sales Director- Hoganas

"Claudia is a talented and skilled coach. She quickly senses my blind spots and challenges my logics. She helps me view the issues from various perspectives and in positive way.

Through the coaching program with her, I have improved a lot my interpersonal skills and buildup strong team spirit among colleagues and cross-department."

Yuji SUZUKI, President,
**** Electronic Business Machines (H.K.) 

"Upon the completion of the 1-year coaching program for our leadership team, I can see the team has tremendously enhanced the adaptability to change for sure, now they are more proactive to decide the change they want and are more ready to change when compared to the past. With such change, their subordinates- the managers, and the stakeholders are also positively influenced. I think that's the beauty.

I would like to highlight some of the development I witness in the directors which include, better emotional intelligence when communicate under high stress, stronger learning agility, coaching leadership and strengthened judgement when dealing with new challenges.

Collectively as a leadership team, they now have much stronger cross-division collaboration which is crucial to our business success. Through more frequent and timely communication, the team comes up with new ideas, new system and new way of management more effectively. "

Patty Chiou

Church Leader

"In the past few months, I have completed n Integral Coaching program with Claudia. It is really the best investment for myself in the past few years. For a person like me who has been working for 20 years, it's not an easy thing to re-ignite my enthusiasm for work and for my life. Planning for the meaning of life is really not an easy task.

At first, I wasn't even sure what is the goal I wanted to achieve. Bit by bit, I was more clear about my expectations, and finally reached the goal I set. 

Claudia was so good at observing me and giving me immediate feedbacks.  During the process of breaking through myself, she helped me to figure out the new and old me and the tipping point.  I really like to discuss my experience, awareness and ideas with her during this whole process. Claudia's gentle and professional attitude has  encouraged me to give in my 100% to move towards the goal I set for myself. "

Dianne G.

Professional FINANCE Leader in a Well-known MNC, London

"Using the Integral Coaching Method, Claudia supported my development and helped me get to know myself better - my thoughts, motivations, as well as recognising the physical manifestations of my emotions. Through the coaching programme with Claudia, I transitioned from a fairly self-centeredprofessional who internalised my challenges to one who makes more of an effort to work collaboratively with my colleagues and nurture the people around me.

At the beginning of the coaching programme, Claudia provided me with two metaphors - my then-state, and my intended future state. I am a very visual person, and this allowed me to clearly picture the type of person I was at the beginning of the programme and how I can improve. I was able to keep the metaphors at the back of my mind through the entire programme, which helped me recognise the behaviours and motivations of my then-state, and the mindset of my future state.

Claudia also supported me to be more conscious of how my body connected with my thoughts and emotions. On some of the practices Claudia co-created with me, I learned to recognise the parts of my body which would feel stress, tension, nervousness, or joy. I was then able to respond to these impulses to help myself when necessary.

I am very grateful to Claudia for supporting me on this journey. She has been very encouraging, understanding, and genuine. Her positive attitude has allowed me to be very open and honest with her, which I think allowed me to thrive under her coaching.

Overall, I think Claudia and her Integral Coaching Methodology was definitely well worth the time and effort invested. It will greatly help me in achieving my career goals, and allow me to lean on the support of the people around me (family, friends and colleagues) as part of this process. "

Ingrid Y

"When I first met Claudia, I was attracted by her sincerity and smile, allowing me open up and totally trust her in the process, telling her the stories I had experienced. Thank you, Claudia, for accompanying me for two years. There were laughter and tears. On the coaching journey, I tried every possible way to find ways to become a better leaders for others. I also hoped that I could get many leadership recipes through the coach. Later, I discovered that to become a leader who can truly aspire others takes a deep transformation. The biggest enemy in the process is myself. As leaders, we often trap ourselves in the cage of our thoughts and act as cocoons; but through the guidance of the coach, we can find the leverage point for change, and we can accept the imperfect self and take positive actions. Transforming into a successful leader is like a journey in life. Don't rush to move towards your destination but forget to appreciate the beautiful scenery and all kinds of beautiful people and things that happened on the journey. The coach is like my 3D glasses, guiding me to appreciate and accept the scenery on the journey and the challenges I may encounter. After such tough but rewarding transformation journey, I am ready for the next one. "