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Time to Update Your Leadership OS

Author: Claudia Lau

Copyright: White Space Ltd. 2019

On different occasions and not even once, I found that many leaders are confused about the true meaning of competence development and mix it up with their daily work plans.

It has been more than 16 years since I started my career in the field of leadership development. To me, leadership development is crucial and should be embedded in the DNAs of all organizations. Yet in recent years, I continuously discovered that many result-oriented corporations get lost on this, which is worth paying more attention to.

As an Executive Coach, I have experienced for many times that some COACHEES and their superiors put the work action items into the Personal Development Plans (PDPs) . Can you imagine what would be the result of mixing daily work plans and competence development? A quick answer is, it would be as disappointing as updating the APPs in your smartphone without updating your OS!

B is the Regional Sales Manager for the Greater China Area of a sizeable MNC. His General Manager expected that he can aggressively grow the market share and the revenue in the whole region. Originally, they focused the discussion on the potential of different market segments for aggressive growth. After massive data analysis, B has worked out a series of sales plan, set up the milestones for the upcoming 20 months, and also allocated the resources needed, he was ready for a hard battle. This is the rationale and process that most corporations adopt when planning for strategic growth, which identifies the market opportunities and maps out the concrete actions and resources allocation...(click here for full article.)

Therefore, when you are thinking about how to boost the business result next time, no matter it is about sales revenue, service level, customer satisfaction or any other KPIs, please also look deeply inside and see if you need to work on any of your leadership competence at the same time. Without looking inside, nothing will be a long-term solution. Taking smart phone as an example, if we optimize the performance of a particular APP, we not only need to update the APP, but also the smart phone's Operating System (OS).

As a leader, when was the last update of your own OS? 

Coaching Services

We Offer Coaching Solution that is Customised to Meet the Needs of Leaders and Organzations 

1:1 Executive Coaching

One-on-one coaching is the design and implementation of a customized coaching plan to cater the personal development needs of leaders, generally ranging from 5 to 10 months.

Our team would arrange  Chemistry Meetings (first meetings) with the hand-picked coaches - depending on the organization's situation, culture, and personal development needs, so as to ensure  that the  Coachee could choose the right coach.

After that,  the selected coach would work with the Mentor and Coachee to map out the Personal Development Plan PDP and kickstart the one-on-one coaching sessions. Some common coaching topics include: 

  • Change management/Facing change
  • Emotional management, stress management
  • Resource management
  • Team management and motivation
  • Cross-generational and multicultural team management
  • The balance between relationship and performance for emerging leaders
  • The balance between the company's policies and team needs
  • Succession planning
  • Team consensus facilitation
  • Upward management
  • Cross-departmental communication and collaboration
  • Organizational competitiveness enhancement
  • Matrix organization management...etc.

Stakeholders-Engagement Coaching

The issues that leaders often encounter in organizations are related to people. The addition of the supporter system will help the leader to get feedback from surrounding supporters (Stakeholders) in a more comprehensive, direct and immediate manner. 

Their participation not only helps the coachee see their strengths and room for improvement from multiple perspectives, but also allows the coachee to get more support and suggestions in the process of change. These formed network and trust between different BUs and departments would often become valuable resources in the long run.

Team Coaching

We love building clocks, not telling time for our clients. 

Team Coaching is a great methodology to encourage leaders to unlock their collective intelligence and become better peer coaches for each other.  It is a powerful way to support clients and their leaders to grow and excel in the long- run.

It is particularly suitable for organizations which are facing fast-changing and uncertain market landscape, and agility in team leadership and collective decision-making are crucial priorities.

Participants always find it amazing to get immediate insights for their leadership challenges and at the same time strengthening their own coaching skills as leaders. 

Group Coaching

Most leaders are unbalanced. They are relatively stronger in some areas than others. Some leaders may face challenges in execution and performance management, while some have challenge in building trust and relationships with others. The secret to making them more effective is to let them play to their strengths, while at the same time bringing in someone to work with them that has complementary strengths. 

In fact, some leaders' strength could be a valuable asset to other leaders' development journey, making them the best consultants and coach to each other. 

Learning from each other's strength could definitely help these leaders become more versatile and agile in their leadership role.

The key point is-

  • How can we capitalise on these collective strengths and expertise?
  • How can we maximize the synergy? 
  • How can we work together to remove the obstacles that are on the road to success?

Group Coaching seems to be the ultimate leadership development solution.

Different from traditional one-on-one coaching, in the Group Coaching, the coaches make use of the group dynamics to faciliate:

  • Personal Growth
  • Peer Learning and
  • Team Building

The whole development journey is composed of the following key elements:

  • 1:1 Coaching
  • PDP Personal Development Plan 
  • Stakeholders Feedback 
  • System Group Coaching

Through this blended approach and holistic system, Group Coaching helps the participating leaders achieve the biggest breakthrough in the shortest time.

Best Coaches, Best Practices. 

We Work with a Pool of Experienced Coaches who Possess a Diversity of Specialties. 


Considering the company policy of some of our clients, they can not use their brand names or positions to make public testimonials.  However, if needed, they are happy to share their reference with organizations who are interested to learn more about our service.

Yuji SUZUKI, President

**** Electronic Business Machines (H.K.)

Mentor and Sponsor of Stakeholders-Center Executives Coaching Program

"Upon the completion of the coaching program for our leadership team, I can see the team has tremendously enhanced the adaptability to change for sure, now they are more proactive to decide the change they want and are more ready to change when compared to the past. With such change, their subordinates- the managers, and the stakeholders are also positively influenced. I think that's the beauty.

I would like to highlight some of the development I witness in the directors which include, better emotional intelligence when communicate under high stress, stronger learning agility, coaching leadership and strengthened judgement when dealing with new challenges.

Collectively as a leadership team, they now have much stronger cross-division collaboration which is crucial to our business success. Through more frequent and timely communication, the team comes up with new ideas, new system and new way of management more effectively.

And with conscious delegation and strengthened coaching leadership of the directors, I'm happy to see that the ripple effect also spreads to the managers. They are now empowered to take on more responsibility and ownership for new challenges. They feel they have

more freedom to make decision. The change of the directors inspired the managers to think about their own development as well."

Shelly S.

CFO of a Luxury Automotives Company

Coachee of 1:1 Coaching Program

"Claudia has a gentle approach for probing firmly, challenging me to notice my own behavior, and giving me insights on how to see things differently.
Instead of teaching me what to do in each situation, she taught me how to question myself and harness my strengths.
Her honesty and sincere personality made it easy for me to openly share my stories and accept the guidance I needed.
A big thank you for helping me on my professional development journey!"

Claire Huang, HR Manager, Liteon

"Claudia has in-depth and minute observations, and she is passionate to people. In this Group Coaching Project, I can see huge value of synergising group's intelligence into 'Personal Development Plan (PDP) Coaching' when compared to the traditional 1 on 1 Coaching.
During Group Coaching, Coachees gathered together to share and learn from development progress of each other. The Coach then guided the group and facilitated the Coachees to think from different angles or provide feedback to each other. This Group Coaching encouraged best practices sharing and collective growth inside the organization, the Coach also introduced new leadership and management tools according to the Coachees' needs, and thus all the Coachees had new learnings together, just at the right time.
For the part of 1 on 1 coaching, the Coach followed-up on the Coachees' PDP personally and that enabled them to further develop their PDPs.
Claudia was very caring to the Coachee and Mentor during the process, her positive attitude and sincerity always deepens the commitment from the coachees and their mentors."

Leo F. Sales Director

Coachee of 1:1 Coaching Program

"Claudia is a talented and skilled coach. She quickly senses my blind spots and challenges my logics. She helps me view the issues from various perspectives and in positive way.
Through the coaching program with her, I have improved a lot my interpersonal skills and buildup strong team spirit among colleagues and cross-department."

Mentors and Program Director of a 

Group Coaching Program in a 

Leading Insurance Company

"After the group coaching, it was obvious that the participants have become more confident. And the biggest gain was that they built a closer relationship with their immediate supervisors and stakeholders. The trust among them has also deepened a lot. This is the most valuable result of this program."

"Edward is very experienced in managing the process of Group Coaching. He solicited tremendous support from the direct supervisors and set up the stakeholder feedback system to engage other team members in their leaders' learning and change. The above two are very powerful resources for the participating leaders, and that also formed the foundation of a positive atmosphere for change in the team. This project is a very valuable one for our company this year."

"For organizations like us, whether managers can play their roles seamlessly is critical. But how can those newly promoted leaders shorten their learning curves? Group Coaching develops leaders by helping them explore their own management styles, through 360-degree feedbacks, setting up development goals, and stretching their comfort zones endlessly, at the end, strengthening their growth mindset as leaders. 

In conclusion, Group Coaching accelerates leaders' growth and the impact it created is far more than we could imagine!"

"Being his mentor, our relationship as superior and subordinate is much strengthened through the guidance and coaching of the coach. We now have more mutual trust and mutual support. And I see this is further expanded to other teams after the Group Coaching Program. Such a worthy experience!."

Ingrid Y

Coachee of 1:1 Coaching Program

"When I first met Claudia, I was attracted by her sincerity and smile, allowing me open up and totally trust her in the process, telling her the stories I had experienced. Thank you, Claudia, for accompanying me for two years. There were laughter and tears. On the coaching journey, I tried every possible way to find ways to become a better leaders for others. I also hoped that I could get many leadership recipes through the coach. Later, I discovered that to become a leader who can truly aspire others takes a deep transformation. The biggest enemy in the process is myself. As leaders, we often trap ourselves in the cage of our thoughts and act as cocoons; but through the guidance of the coach, we can find the leverage point for change, and we can accept the imperfect self and take positive actions. Transforming into a successful leader is like a journey in life. Don't rush to move towards your destination but forget to appreciate the beautiful scenery and all kinds of beautiful people and things that happened on the journey. The coach is like my 3D glasses, guiding me to appreciate and accept the scenery on the journey and the challenges I may encounter. After such tough but rewarding transformation journey, I am ready for the next one. "


Group Coaching Participants

"The 8-month journey helped me examine my mindset and own development needs. It helped me understand the importance of reframing my beliefs in order to manage my own emotions. This is an important lesson learnt that is good for my whole life. EQ is far more important than IQ. "

"I received very insightful feedabcks and suggestions that were so different from my perspective during the Group Coaching. I appreciate such diversity because it helps me clarify my perspective, see possibilities and to deeply think and synergize something that really works for me on my leadership journey. "

"In the past, I dealt with management challenges on my own, and in my own way. The Group Coaching facilitated my true collaboration with such a a diverse mix of talents, and allowed us to share our challenges and ideas with open hearts and open minds. The discussion could be warm like sunshine, and sometimes could be full of constructive confrontations. But after all, such program really helped us to synergize our wisdom and continuously grow together. "

Founder of a Leading Manufacturing Company

"We have been committed to develop our people and our company culture. But throughout the years, people's inertia to go back to their old behaviors discounted the value of the training solution we adopted.

We invited Edward to help us launch the first Group Coaching for our senior leaders, which was then cascaded to different levels and all departments. With this thorough launch, we truly witnessed the growth and development of our people. 

The coach facilitated the coachees to make tangible behavioral changes and it was observable how these changes impact their interpersonal relationships. In my opinion, the management mindset and beliefs behind these behavioral changes are crucial to building the leadership team. And the result was impactful.

This program is very different from the training solutions we have in the past. The Group Coaching Program does not teach you concepts or theories, it emphasizes leaders' own tangible behavioral changes, and it moved leaders from knowing to doing. It encourages us to reflecting on our own development and take actions. It benefited us not only through growing individual leaders' but also growing the whole company."