We help our clients to lead organisational change in business vision, strategies, value proposition, overall culture and staff engagement.

Unifying Vision, Strategies and Culture 


Engagement Survey and Culture Assessment equip you with the tools to identify the engagement level and the current culture within your business and highlight development areas. They serve as a crucial foundation for the strategic effort in developing your organisational culture and leadership. Our team offer customised assessment to help you assess and get feedbacks from the target population. 

Change Facilitation  

A Collaborative Unifying Process

 We are a team of professional Visual Facilitators who come from different professional backgrounds and experiences, but we all have a common strength - to CUSTOMISE AND VISUALISE the consensus process based on the key outcomes our clients aim at.  With rich experience and flexibility, our team help organisations to explore and to reinvent themselves in the areas of organisational structure,  way of collaboration, strategic changes...etc.

Visual Strategic Planning

Restructuring Strategic Planning (RSP)

A lot of organizations are bounded by their current models of operating, such that it would be challenging for them to innovate and breakthrough. 

If your organizaiton is one of those, the Restructuring Strategic Planning (RSP) process could help your team to design the whole game plan from scratch by exploring possibilities through the Lenses of 5 Future Trends.

Industry 4.0 Innovation Strategic Planning (IISP)

This is a Strategic Planning process evolves around the core spirit of the Industry 4.0.  

To sustain their competitiveness, organisations must figure out a new way to maximise the value they created for their customers, to foster cross-industries collaboration and to leverage on the business opportunities brought by the internet. Through this Industry 4.0 Innovation Strategic Planning, we help enterprises plan for their Strategic Innovation and the new business models by  exploring broadly their Value Chain.

Blue Ocean Strategy Map (BOSM)

The BOS Value  Innovation Strategy Map facilitate enterprises to lower cost and enhance value at the same time. Depending on the needs of your organisation, our team would select and embed relevant tools from a total of 12 Blue Ocean Value Innovation Tools, to help you find your Blue Ocean and materialise the true Value Innovation. 

Progressive Strategic Planning

For some organizations, it is quite a challenge to spend days on Strategic Planning.  If this is your case, the Progressive Strategic Planning is suitable for you.  This approach allows your team to spend half day every week on the Strategic Planning session, for 6-8 consecutive weeks.    Your team would co-create your new future through the continuous process of exploration, research and validation. 

C-Level Peers Advisory Group

Sometimes, it could be quite lonely at the top. If you are one of these lonely top guys, come join us for the C-Level Peers Advisory Group. This facilitators  would synergize the wisdom and experience of all these C-Level Elites, through the Theory U process, from Suspending, Redirecting, Letting Go, Letting Come till Embodying.  All participants are encouraged to come with your real challenges,  to learn from each other,  to share your best practices, and also to give honest feedback to support the growth of your peers. 

Exploring the Future and Envisioning     as ONE Team

Seeing Endless Possibilities from Futuristic Thinking

Future Search

The Future Search workshop is a way for a organisation to create a shared vision for its future. You should use Future Search when you want commitment from all stakeholders and when the most important thing is to generate energy for action.

It enrols a large group of stakeholders who are chosen because they have power or information on the topic at hand or are affected by the outcomes.  It is mostly suitable to engage those who hold very different opinions and diverse roles to come together and explore the future. 

Envisioning through Futuristic Thinking

This approach adopts the "Six Pillars" Model of the Futures Studies- Mapping the Present and the Future,  Anticipating the Future , Timing the Future, Deepening the Future, Creating Alternatives to the Present, Transforming the Present and Creating the Future. 

Social Dreaming Matrix

Our dreams offer infinite insight into the world when shared. The practice of social dreaming allows us to discover meaning in our dreams that benefit all. Social dreaming helps us understand the processes taking place in the context of a certain organization or even that of society at large. As each dream has a personal as well as a social aspect, the individual dreams for herself, but also for a group, an organisation or a society. This approach helps us understand the past, present and the future of a collective group. And it is mostly suitable for organisations who wish to breakthrough and co-create future  through exploration of deep group dynamics and connections.

Integrating Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS)

Value Innovation into Your Business Models

Value Proposition Canvas

This approach facilitate the group to identify the Critical Customer Pain Points and Solution.  Through the use of Value Map and the Value Proposition Canvas, the group is guided to analyse how well the services/ products they provide are reducing the Customer Pain Points and creating value for the customers. 

Business Model Canvas

This approach helps the group to build a business model by using a VISUAL business model tool.  We use the value proposition canvas to lead the group to explore the customer pain points and the BOS Value proposition.  and then we use the business model canvas to guide them develop a complete business model structure, which can truly help your customers create tangible value.

LEGO in Business Model Canvas

This approach is a fun way to enable the 3D presentation of the new business model.  Our team facilitate the group to co-create the Business Model Canvas by LEGO. Adding hand intelligence helps concretise the future image, it also helps to bring in everyone's imagination and facilitates meaningful group dialogue in building meaning for the common future everyone aspires for. 

Deep Conversations 
that Truly Synergizes Group Intelligence

Open Space to Co-Create Future

Open Space is an approach to engage a large group of participants, with the three underlying  beliefs that 1)people would contribute and create according to their passion and roles, 2) the answer to the question lies in the participants and 3) people all want to make things better.  Our clients often find the Open Space approach is full of surprises for them.

Cross-Generational Dialogue

The key challenge for cross-generational cooperation is to truly understand each other's point of view. It is almost impossible to understand each other without a structural dialogue, not to mention to cooperate and to co-create. 

The use of visual tools enables different generations / groups to understand each other's reality, to see the commonality and to discuss the differences between each other, in order to produce deep empathy and understanding of each other and to collaborate in co-creating ONE future.

World Café 

The World Cafe is one of the best approaches to help us experience collective creativity. Through the establishment of focus question, participants can explore issues and develop deep collective thinking. It is suitable for exploring things with deep meaning. It can promote participants to  express their personal experience and knowledge, while also encouraging participants to contribute to the issue and even commit to future actions and directions.

Shaping and Materialising 
a New Culture

Exploration and Shaping of Organisational Culture 

The group is guided to explore the  vision of the organization, their aspired future, culture and values through team dialogue .

The team dialogue is facilitated in a deeper level through the use of metaphors and values wheels so that participants would be able to explore the underlying values and ways of working they truly aspire for.  

Culture In ACTION

The group is guided to promote the new culture and values through Story-Telling. 
The stories circulating internally point to what your people really believe your culture is about. And it may not be what leaders publicly say it is. In this approach, the group is guided to elaborate the new culture and values they want to put in action through day-to-day stories and practices.

Creating Cultural Foundation 

Through facilitation and group coaching approach, the group is guided to explore practical ways and mid-term and long-term plan to embed the new culture and core values into their daily work practices, processes and behaviours.