NVC Coach & Facilitator 非暴力溝通教練/引導師

Workplace Communication Trainer 職場溝通講師


Lisa holds a master degree in management from National Tsinghua University. She has over 20 years of working experience in the Hsinchu Science park. She used to be the executive secretary of the general manager and the director of the management department. She is experienced in the field of personnel, finance, stock affairs, public relations, information, board of directors and shareholders' meetings and other related departments. She has also served as a key bridge between the CEO and the heads of various departments for difficult dialogues and inter-departmental communication.

Lisa has rich practical experience in the the corporate world. She is good at helping business executives and work teams to learn effective communication skills, and then develop high-performance teams.

Lisa has received deep guidance from more than ten international NVC Non-violent communication trainers. She has obtained the CNVC certification as a trainer candidate, and has taught in Taiwan and the mainland. Lisa specializes in NVC's " Workplace communication and application."

Professional Training and Certification:

  • CNVC (The Center for Nonviolent Communication) trainer candidate
  • DDI (Development Dimensions International) Certified Lecturer
  • ALIGN ARTS high-end coaches completed
  • ICA (International Coach Academy) team guide series completed
  • The Christopher Leadership Training - training class lecturer

Lisa 是國立清華大學管理碩士,曾在竹科服務二十餘年,最高擔任總經理執行秘書及管理處處長一職,負責人事、財務、股務、公關、資訊、董事會及股東會等相關部門的管理職複製,也曾擔任CEO與各部門主管間進行高難度對話與跨部溝通的關鍵橋樑,實戰經驗豐碩!鄺老師擅長於協助企業主管與職場工作者,學習輕鬆但具體有效的溝通技巧,進而發展高績效團隊。



  • CNVC(The Center for Nonviolent Communication)培訓師候選人
  • DDI(Development Dimensions International)認證講師
  • ALIGN ARTS 高階教練結業
  • ICA ( International Coach Academy)團隊引導系列結業
  • The Christopher Leadership Training講師/師資培訓班講師