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Digital River

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Fubon 富邦人壽

HACTL 香港空運貨運站


Hotai Motors 


Impact Hub

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M31 円星科技

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Mead Johnson 美強生

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Modern Terminals 


Moore Stephens

MTR 香港鐵路有限公司

Nan Fung Group 


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Schenker 全球國際貨運

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Taikoo Motors 太古汽車

The University of Hong Kong 香港大學

The Baptist University of Hog Kong 香港浸會大學




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Testimonials 客戶推薦

Jessie Lin

Dir. Localization & Head of TW Site, Blizzard

Claudia's exceptional skills in communication and leadership coaching are evident from the get-go. Her approach is a seamless blend of practicality and innovative strategies that are not only easy to understand but also simple to implement. This made a significant difference in how I approached my role as an executive. Under her guidance, I've noticed a marked improvement in my ability to lead, strategize, and influence effectively.

Beyond her professional prowess, what makes Claudia truly stand out is her demeanour. She is incredibly friendly, thoughtful, and pleasant, creating an environment that is both motivating and comfortable for growth and learning. Her organizational skills ensure that every session is focused and productive.

I love the metaphors offered in the Integral Coaching approach ! I always keep them in mind now whenever and whatever I am doing. It gives me the power and direction to move further and faster to become the leader I aspire for.

What I found in Claudia was more than a coach; she was a transformative influence in both my personal and professional life.

Sally Wong, HR Director

*** Electronic Business Machines (HK)

Claudia is definitely a vital person to count for our success!

In order to align with the company vision and enhance the company performance, our company has partnered with Claudia and her team to organize the Executives 1 on 1 Coaching on our top management.

Within 10 months time, we could see the transformation of the executive team from hesitation, participation to a complete trust. Regardless of the influence of Covid-19, Claudia has devoted herself to provide professional services to bring out the strength of individual & simultaneously helping them to remove their blind-spots. Being the coach of six coachees at the same time, she  becomes part of us and guide us through generously sharing her precious leadership experience & knowledge. She has the charisma to inspire change in leaders.

Myself being one of the coachee and also the head of HR who runs this project, I appreciate her so much in her dedication, care, attentiveness and effort. She is not only a coach taking care of the business side, in fact she has helped me overcome many obstacles & milestones in my personal life. I am so impressed with her positive mindset, patience & experience.

With her expert facilitation and guidance throughout our PDPs Personal Development Plans, we could feel the much strengthened bonding and collective growth amongst the management team. With her passion & contribution, we are very optimistic for our future and really appreciate this valuable project for our company. Claudia is definitely a vital person to count for our success!



「組織最重視的是部門內是否有稱職的主管可以分憂解勞,新拔擢上來的主管要如何在最短時間內勝任主管職務呢?「團體教練」讓主管們透過「360度回饋」發掘個人的管理風格,設定學習目標在過程內不斷自我挑戰及突破,了解「管理及領導力」是一條持續練習的過程。透過「團體教練」學習可以讓主管們加速成長,效果~超出主管們的想像! 」

「經過教練導引,我們的合作關係除了上司下屬更加深了互相信任和支持,在教練結束後發酵和擴大到更多的團隊。 ~值得~」

Theresa Lai, General Manager - HR

Modern Terminals Ltd.

" We organized a series of "The Best in Me" workshops in 2017 for unit managers, professionals, officers and managers with the objective to cultivate deeper awareness about themselves including positive qualities and unconscious limiting beliefs, learn how to develop a more open mindset and practice effective ways to bring out their best in everyday life.

Feedback showed that this program was highly appreciated by our staff. Claudia effectively designed and delivered a tailor-made program based on our needs. She is open and dedicated to make continuous enhancement on program design and delivery. We are impressed by Claudia's passion and professionalism to make the program fit our audience's needs. We are very satisfied with the overall outcome of this program. " 

Claire 黃惠芬, HR Manager


「Claudia觀察很深入及細膩,對人也很熱情,這次與她合作的團隊教練專案中,讓我看見把團體智慧的因素加入「PDP個人發展計劃教練過程」與傳統1 on 1 Coaching的方式是有很大的不同。
在Group Coaching期間,Coachees 會們聚在一起分享與觀摩彼此的PDP個人發展計劃進展情況,Coach會透過團體引導提問,幫助成員用不同的角度思考或把自己的想法回饋給對方,這使得組織內部的經驗可以交流與成長,Coach也會在過程中視參加者的需要帶入新工具技巧,讓大家可以有新的學習。
另一段1 on 1 coaching的部分,Coach能仔細深入跟進Coachee的PDP,幫助她/他進一步推展自己的PDP。

Gigi Pang, Manager, Learning & Development, Bluebell 

「Claudia 為我們的高檔零售前線領導發展計劃提供了非常優秀的服務。她成功為我們完成了幾場培訓,這些培訓都是非常具體地針對學員的學習需要。她引導的風格是非常互動的,同時會啓發大家的自我覺察。她又為我們提供了很實用的應用工具,得到學員的非常正面迴響。Claudia是很有經驗的領導力講師,她的教練輔導技巧、引導風格和節奏都非常適合領導者。」

Winnie Yang, 肯夢AVEDA總經理

「Claudia 是一位實際經驗豐富的企業教練,上課時總能展現她的豐富專業知識。對於學員的提問,她會用溫暖但堅定的提問方式,激發學員願意去深入挖掘自己內心深層的疑慮,往往能讓學員去覺察自己的盲點,從而提高其視野,因此深受肯夢團隊的喜愛。她兼具著的自信與親和力的態度,每次都讓課程滿意度超高。


Gigi Lu, Senior Manager, Learning for Development, 歐萊雅中國 




Cedric Tao, Senior Manager, LUXE Division

欧莱雅中国 (莱雅集团)



「公司一直非常注重人員的成長與其業文化的塑造,但幾年下來,發現在人的行為方面,常會受到個性與習慣使然,導致所做得教育訓練事倍功半。幾年前,請到鄭教練Edward 來公司進行團體教練,由高階主管至基層主管、由少數擴展為多數的過程中,見證到人員的成長與改變。教練讓學員經行為改變影響到個人在公與私雙方的人際關係,進而促進人員的成長。雖然看似小小的行為建立,但都隱藏著管理的手法與方式,也感受到人的熱情對一個團隊的建立是無比的重要。管理理論多如毛,但都是由人去執行的,相同的管理手法為何有人做得好?有人就做不好?差異就是在人,所以人還是最重要的。而此項恰好有別於公司以往的訓練,純粹由個人自身的行為建立做起,而非在管理手法的教導。在看過這麼多對人的教育訓練課程,此專案著實有其獨特之處,也值得持續進行這樣的鍛鍊,因為這樣的鍛鍊不僅是對公司,而且對個人都會有成長與進步。」

Chloe Huang, HR Director, 


"Claudia is a very attentive and patient coach, she always listens carefully to coachees' problem and accurately grasp the key point -very quickly.

She is good at encouraging and challenging coachees' to look at things from different angles and this helps coachees develop a more mature and holistic perspective so that they can solve the problem and difficulties in a constructive way.

She doesn't teach coacheeshow to solve the problem, instead, she uses coaching and brainstorming to help coacheesrapidly generate a variety of possible solutions by themselves. This help building coachees' independence in the long run.

Her coaching develops coacheesa lot- not only for work but also for life. What we learn from her is very useful for dealing everything in our whole life.

I like her very much and learnt a lot from her, I really develop myself a lot from her coaching program; I sincerely recommend Claudia to be your coach!"

Sandy Szu, HR Manager,