Amrita Wu 鄔偉菁

Talent Development Consultant 人才發展諮詢

Conversation Catalyst 催化對話


  • Talent Development   人才發展 
  • Conversation Catalyst 催化對話 
  • Experiential learning  體驗學習 
  • Foresight Thinking      未來思考 
  • Executive Coaching     高管教練 

Amrita has more than ten years of experience in people development in Asia and especially in the Greater China, specialises in adaptive leadership development, business project implementation, and developmental coaching.

Amrita is the Certified Integral Coach from New Venture West, USA. She is also  Foresight Practitioner, Center for Futures Intelligence and Research(CFAR). Apart from that, she is also a Certified Action Learning Coach, Worldwide Institute for Action Learning. She also holds a Master degree in Education of Industrial and Organization Psychology, City University of New York.

She is experienced in assessing different perspectives of organization as a whole and design tailor-made solutions to cultivate deeper connections among groups and foster inner innovation within the organization. All these, as a result would often turn into tangible business growth, future-oriented initiatives and concrete strategic plan to capture emerging opportunities in the market. 

Amrita has unique talent in helping organizations in balancing bottom-line results and long-term talent development at the same time.

Her training workshops are experiential and flowing with the filed - filled with inward experiential activity, interpersonal conversation and business result-oriented discussion. Participants are guided to sense the business environment, best position themselves in real situation, and inspire personal commitment via deeper connection.

Some of the clients Amrita has worked with include, SAIC MOTOR, Alibaba Cloud, FETnet, Green World Hotel, GLYCONEX Biotech, PAREXEL International Inc...etc.





Amrita 曾合作的客戶包括:上海汽車、阿里雲、遠傳、Green World Hotel, GLYCONEX Biotech, PAREXEL 等。