Joshua Voon  文俊華

Facilitator 引導師


Talent & Organisational Development Consultant 人才和組織發展顧問


  • Executive Coaching 高管教練
  • Team Building 團隊建設
  • Management & Leadership 管理與領導力

Joshua is a Facilitator and a Leadership Coach...with a mandate to work with leaders and teams to thrive by transcending unconscious patterns, fostering an expanded perspective and openness to new possibilities. With pragmatic approaches to human transformation, Joshua's array of competencies is expressed via a strategic blend of consulting, coaching, and facilitation.

Joshua has more than two decades of deep-depth panoramic experiences that span a spectrum of challenges that has everything to do with people. With primary capabilities in facilitation, executive coaching and consulting, Joshua is experienced in working with leaders to not just develop and execute profitable business solution but also to re-invent how they lead themselves, coach their team and transform their organisation. Joshua draws on a number of disciplines in his work with clients, including the Cognitive Behavioural Sciences, Integral Theory, Positive Psychology, personality theory and emotional intelligence, to name a few.

He has extensive experience via having engaged in both short and long-term assignments in Asia (Bangkok, Colombo, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh, Islamabad, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Ningbo, Phnom Penh, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Singapore, Qingdao, Taipei, Tokyo) and the Middle East (Bahrain, Beirut, Doha, Kuwait); these initiatives have garnered him a depth of experience across the continuum of cultural diversity and human endeavour in the face of multi-faceted encounters.

Joshua has worked with a top-shelf roster of clients across multiple industries: in aviation, pharmaceutical, financial services, petroleum, telecommunications, retail, and non-profits.

Joshua graduated with an MBA from The University of Adelaide, Australia. He speaks English, Cantonese, Mandarin and several local dialects. Joshua is a certified Integral-Semantics Facilitator, all complemented with his international accreditation as a Meta-Coach (ACMC)...a confluence of credentials that enable him to create high-impact transformations within the challenge spaces of corporate confrontations.

Some of the clients Joshua worked with include, AllSaints, Alliance Bank, American Express, Anglo American, Barclays, Chanel, ExxonMobil, Feng Chia University, HSBC, IATA, LVMH, Manulife, The Obama Foundation, Standard Chartered, Telstra, etc.



Joshua曾指導過香港,日本,馬來西亞,新加坡,巴基斯坦,卡塔爾,黎巴嫩等地的客戶,產業橫跨航空,製藥,金融服務,精品,電信,零售,非營利組織和新創,客戶包括HSBC,American Express,Cisco,Bristol-Myers Squibb,IATA,Intuit,SAP,精品品牌LV,Chanel,讓他擁有非常豐富的國際輔導經驗與跨文化內涵。


Joshua擁有阿德萊德大學 (University of Adelaide) 的MBA學位,以及神經語義學教練和輔導員認證。他精通英語,中文和廣東話。