Justina Liaw


Facilitator 引導師


  • Team Consensus Facilitation 團隊對話引導
  • Foresight Thinking 未來思考
  • Adaptive Leadership 調適性領導力
  • Deliberately Developmental Organisations 人人成長文化

Justina is a Facilitator, an Instructional Designer and a Learning and Development Strategist.

For well over a decade, Justina has worked with leaders from CEOs to directors and young managers within a diverse range of industries, including financial, real estate, pharmaceutical, insurance, retail, and government. Justina is highly passionate about helping leaders become their best version of themselves -with the head to out-think the competition, the voice to inspire their team, the heart to serve others and the courage to act when others will not. Her strength lies in her uncanny ability to get to the heart of the matter from the chaos and confusion that surround seemingly complex "people" issues and that allows her to focus on ways to facilitate learning through effective and efficient uses of human touch and educational technology.

Justina is a certified Integral-Semantics Facilitator. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Library and Information Science from Fu Jen Catholic University and a Master's Degree in Educational Media and Technology from Boston University.

Over the years, she has completed numerous specialty development training programs including; Group Process and Facilitation, Visual Scribing, Theory U and Leadership programs.

Justina is fluent in Mandarin and English.

Some of the clients Justina has worked with include, AllSaints, Alliance Bank, Grils in Tech, Global Greens, 中華民國開發性製藥研究協會 International Research-Based Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (IRPMA), 大昌華嘉 DKSH, 台北英僑商務協會 British Chamber of Commerce Taipei, 農糧署 The Agriculture and Food Agency, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan of ROC, 新北市政府 New Taipei City, 遠傳電信 Far EasTone Telecommunications (FET), 財團法人影想文化藝術基金會 Image and Imagine Foundation for Culture and Arts, 經典工程顧問公司 Classic Design and Planning...etc.



Justina擁有美國波⼠士頓⼤學Educational Media and Technology碩士學位,以及Integral-Semantics Facilitator認證。Justina 賦予⾃己的使命是協助領導者成為最好的自⼰ - 以周全思維找出方案、以心服務他人、以勇氣採取他人所不能之行動。

她服務過的客⼾包含金融業、製藥業、科技業、電信業、政府單位和 NGO包括AllSaints, Alliance Bank, Grils in Tech, Global Greens, 中華民國開發性製藥研究協會 International Research-Based Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (IRPMA), 大昌華嘉 DKSH, 台北英僑商務協會 British Chamber of Commerce Taipei, 農糧署 The Agriculture and Food Agency, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan of ROC, 新北市政府 New Taipei City, 遠傳電信 Far EasTone Telecommunications (FET), 財團法人影想文化藝術基金會 Image and Imagine Foundation for Culture and Arts, 經典工程顧問公司 Classic Design and Planning...等。

 Justina 會說流利利的中文和英⽂。