Monica Siu

Coach 教練


  • Executive Coaching 高管領導力教練
  • Career Coaching 職涯教練

Monica is the Board Governor (Global), and Leader of HK Chapter of the International Association of Coaching (IAC). She is a certified coach at master level, accredited by the IAC. 

Monica is passionate about unleashing people's potential and exploring the megatrend of the world. Continuous life-long learning is what she has been fascinated. She believes that the opportunity is for those who have prepared. Anyone will shine if his or her strength\potential is identified and developed. 

Monica has solid experience in talent development, leadership\career coaching, and leadership development training. She is a columnist for a local magazine, the articles she contributes are mainly about career development and the future trend in the talent market. Before being a professional full-time coach, Monica had held responsible positions in the function of talent management with sizable corporations in Greater China for more than 15 years.

Monica 為 國際教練協會(美國)總會理事、香港分會會長 及 資深認證教練。 熱愛探索人類潛能及世界趨勢, 視終生學習為人生最大嗜好。深信機會是給準備的人。相信只要遇到伯樂, 加上自強不息,每個人都有機會成為一匹千里馬。

她在人才資源發展、領導力\職涯教練、及中高管培訓有堅實經驗。更為一本地人力資源雜誌的專欄作家, 撰寫有關《職涯發展》及《人才資源市場未來趨勢》的文章。 在開展開其全職教練生涯之前, Monica在大中華區的企業擁有有超過15年人力資源管理經驗。