Kevin Hsu 許育光

Group Coach

Group Dynamics Consultant




  • Systemic Group Coaching 系統性團體教練
  • Group Dynamics 團體動力
  • Group Dynamics Consultation組織動力諮詢
  • Counselling 員工心理諮詢

Kevin is the Professor and Head of Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling, Tsinghua University, Director of Taiwan Counseling and Counseling Association, Editor-in-Chief of the Counselling Quarterly, Chairman of Taiwan Game Therapy Association, President of Taiwan School Psychology and Counselling Counseling Association, Taiwan Talent Evaluation Director of the Society for Reference and Development.

He is also the Invited lecture professor/consultant lecturer in many top universities and companies in Taiwan/Mainland China, specializing in topics like group dynamics teaching, multi-media therapeutic group, interpersonal psychological counseling, integration and healing of self-relationship.

Kevin is also the experts in group dynamics and group psychology practice and he is  good at using group dynamics to drive personal awareness of the inner process, supporting leaders understand their blind spots and mental frameworks, and help them breakthrough the framework  to bring about effective changes.

Books: Group Counseling and Psychotherapy: Practical Practices in Multiple Fields.

華大學教育心理與諮商學系教授兼任系主任/研究所所長 、台灣輔導與諮商學會、 輔導季刊主編、台灣遊戲治療學會理事長、台灣學校心理與諮商輔導協會理事長、台灣人才評鑑與發展學會理事。

台灣/大陸多所頂尖大學與企業特邀講學教授/諮詢課程講員,專精於團體實務教學,多元媒材表達團體,人際心理諮詢,與自我關係整合療癒 。